Welcome Alumni of UNIMAS!

We are here exists to help you stay connected to UNIMAS, and to each other, wherever you are in your life now. Whatever you're seeking, be it UNIMAS events and connections in your hometown, an excuse to come back to the field for reunion, a job lead or a mind-expanding magazine, we've got you covered.

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Partners & Collaborations

In managing Alumni, we often collaborates with industries & big players from communities. They engaged closely with us to provide career development.

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Recognising the support our alumni provide through Alumni Affiliates.

Our Alumni Affiliates scheme recognises recent graduates who have continued to support the University on a voluntary basis. To be eligible for the scheme the individual must be a graduate of the University and have completed their studies within the last five years.

If you are supporting the University on a voluntary basis and meet the criteria above, please ask your staff contact about our Alumni Affiliates scheme.

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